Smart Energy Systems Week Austria 2018, 14.-18. May 2018

The conference series "Smart Energy Systems Week Austria" (formerly Smart Grids Week Austria) has been held by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology together with the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and with cooperation partners from the energy sector, industry and municipalities, for more than 10 years making it one of the most prestigious and successful circles in the energy and technology community.

From 14 -18 May 2018 international experts will meet at the Smart Energy Systems Week Austria 2018 in Vienna. The key topic of the conference week is "Energy Infrastructure as a Consumer Product". The core conference on 16/17 May 2018 will be framed by smart service innovation events and will be concluded in a workshop of the innovation regions on Friday, 18 May 2018.

Our discussions will take a strict user’s perspective. The conference topics focus on innovative solutions of the energy transition process and cover buildings as power plants and household energy, energy 4.0, municipal infrastructure services as far as portfolio propositions from utilities and grids.

Given the fundamental reorientation of global energy infrastructures, the energy future will be accompanied by a series of disruptive changes. The question arises of how the disruptive upheavals will take place and who will continue to perform the classical supply obligations. Can (energy) services in a shared services world be marketed like consumer goods? Will energy 4.0 and industry 4.0 grow together?

If this hypothesis is true, are the required technologies already ready for the market, i.e. technology-ready? Do the infrastructure requirements already exist and can (new) buildings already fulfill their expected role as future prosumers? What are the dynamics of this change and where are the market places for energy products and services? And which role do the municipalities play?

The Smart Energy Systems Week Austria 2018 is the forum in Austria that takes up these discussions and strives to find answers.

The accompanying industrial exhibition of the partners will continue to be THE meeting place for all participants in order to inform themselves about the current developments of products, services and services in the industry.

15 May 2018
Internationales Großwärmepumpen-Forum
17 May 2018