Smart Energy Systems Week Austria 2018, 14.-18. May 2018


Federal Minister Jörg Leichtfried

The climate goals set in Paris can only be achieved if we succeed in integrating renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies far more than previously into our energy and transport systems. I think that it is a central duty of research policy to enable the development of safe, robust and affordable technologies. My ministry is geared towards this. The successes of this strategic work and of the corresponding subsidy programmes from the Climate and Energy Fund are already visible. Not least thanks to the high level of commitment of the parties involved from the energy sector, from industry and research is Austria one of the international pioneers in the field of energy technology.

In co-operation with Energie Graz as host, we have intentionally aligned the Smart Energy Systems Week Austria 2017 to focus on energy technology systems issues such as decentralized power generation, the nationwide integration of e-mobility or synergies related to the supply of power and heat. Not only technical issues but also social and organizational issues play an important role in this in order to develop good, citizen-friendly solutions. You can see from the ambitious programme that we have set ourselves a sizeable task together with the Climate and Energy Fund. I am looking forward to your contributions and wish the first Smart Energy Systems Week Austria much success!

Federal Minister Jörg Leichtfried (c) Johannes Zinner
© Johannes Zinner
Jörg Leichtfried
Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology